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Connectivity peace of mind

Our internet service is different from that of the traditional carrier in that every connection we install is 100% managed and monitored by us. Should any issue arise, our staff will react and take the appropriate action to rectify the issue. This allows us to have a proactive approach to our clients as opposed to the traditional reactive way. Because of this our turn around times are extremely low. 

We are currently offering internet connectivity over the following topologies:

- Cable internet

- DSL internet

- Fiber Optic service

- Wireles PTP internet

Any of our internet topologies can be bonded together to create a near 100% redundant connection. Should one connection fail, the other will immediately and seamlessly take over without the need for any intervention. Again our staff will be notified of the failed line and we will take the appropriate action. 

As with all our services, there are no contracts or minimum commitments

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