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Our telephone solutions differ from that of the traditional system. Typically a client will have a telephone interconnect who is responsible for the hardware and programming, and then a service provider who provides the actual dial tone service to that system. Once the initial hardware is deployed the client is then on their own to administer the system for changes and updates, or enroll in a maintenance package from the interconnect. This is on top of the monthly telephone invoice the service provider will also charge. 

At Cyclone Systems, we are the interconnect as well as the dial tone service provider. We not only install your system from scratch, we offer full support on all aspects of the system post installation at no additional charge

Hosted PBX systems are generally cheaper than a traditional system in both the initial up front capital investments, as well as the monthly service provider costs afterwards. All PBX hardware is provided by us. We maintain all back end hardware in our data centers so the only thing that remains on your site is the phone

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